CICTEM 2015 - "Electroacoustic Music to Expand Knowledge"


During the course of the last decades, various branches of science and new technologies have made a host of extremely varied contributions to the field of music in general. Such contributions are reflected in a pragmatic way in many areas of daily life, however, there are few meetings of professionals that use such tools for aesthetic goals (electroacoustic composers), who develop computer programs that address a particular problem even not elucidated (Algorithmic composers), or who devote their efforts to the research fields applicable to software development (acoustics, psychoacoustics), just to name a few.
As a result, CICTEM 2013 aims to encourage the exhibition and publication of works that reflect the application of the power of computers to music, especially to algorithmic composition and electroacoustic music.



The Departamento de Artes Musicales 'Carlos Lopez Buchardo' (Damus) is the heir of the former institution National Conservatory of Music in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Damus is part of the Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte (IUNA). Research activities related to Computer Music at Damus are centralized in the Centro de Investigaciones y Desarrollos Computacionales en Música 'Francisco Kröpfl' (CIDCOM), an institution created in 2009 that belongs to Damus.
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CICTeM 2015 Honorific Committee

Jean Claude Risset (France)
Chris Chafe (USA)
Francisco Kröpfl (Argentina)


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